I'm bubble-bin
Although I’m pretty small – and I stress pretty – I’m quite useful: I’ll fit anywhere, I’ll take care of your little litter and keep my surroundings nice and tidy. And thanks to my disposable, biodegradable goblets, getting rid of the trash is a piece of cake.
I’m completely environment-friendly!
With me, your garbage disposal goes green, because I’m proud to say that I care about the environment.

Indeed, all my goblets are 100% biodegradable and you can dispose of them with a clear conscience.
though small, I’m big on moral support!
I was conceived to make a difference. Not just for your litter management, but also for various good causes.

For example, through my production process, I support the “Fondation Kräizbierg”, which helps and encourages disabled persons in living an independent and full life. So, please help me to help them.
Though small, I’m big on excellent quality. All my parts – glass body, plastic lid and cardboard goblets – undergo thorough quality checks to make sure I can be a long-lasting and efficient companion.
I am at the service of your corporate brand!
With my 15 mix-and-match variations, I’m already quite flexible as it is.

However, I know that your brand likely wants more of me. Hence, I am keen on wearing your logo on my frosted glass belly.

With the help of a specific printing process, I’ll make your brand stand out tall.
I’m bubble-bin and I can help your restaurant and/or bar!
You can choose from my black, white or grey lids and my goblets are available in 5 different pastel colours. I can either hide and become unnoticeable or stick out and complement your interior design
bubble-box classic
I am delivered in an exquisitely beautiful box. Its contents: a high-quality frosted glass receptacle, a first-class spinning lid and 9 biodegradable cups. Let your imagination run wild: use the configurator and decide how you want to fill your box. Whether black lid with yellow cups or white lid with red cups… I’ll fulfil your every wish.
*Delivery & postage: free for orders within Luxembourg. For orders shipped to Europe or anywhere else in the world, please refer to the price list in the “Order” section.
bubble-box business
On top of a magnificent packaging, we also offer the possibility to print your company branding onto a 3D sticker (see illustration a). Thanks to a special procedure, we also offer the possibility to incorporate your branding into the frosted glass, using a “Flue Effect”. This can be done in any colour (see illustration b). Combined with a selection of cups, this Business Box will become a very individual and personalised gift.
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